Corporate development and non-profits management

AVICENA brings broad international experience and a global vision of the challenges that face social and development organizations. We strengthen organizational strategies, action plans and management capabilities in an increasingly changing and competitive environment.

Strategic analysis and planning

Project Customer Year
Strategic plan 2014 – 2010 Barcelona Institute for Global Health 2013
Master Plan 2013 – 2014 Barcelona Institute for Global Health 2012
Master Plan 2007 – 2010 Doctors Without Borders 2006

Governance and corporate development

Project Customer Year
Analysis of health technical assistance opportunities with the extractive industry in Mozambique Manhiça Foundation 2013
Creation of the Technical assistance and international cooperation area Barcelona Institute for Global Health 2011

Trend analysis and benchmarking

Project Clustomer Year
Analysis of official development flows in the health sector (Mozambique, Morocco, Bolivia) Barcelona Institute for Global Health 2012
Market and feasibility analysis for a Global health consulting division Barcelona Institute for Global Health 2011
  • Marketing, communication and fundraising

Management capability building

Project Customer Year
SAP – Grant management module implementation Clinic Foundation for Biomedical Research 2009
Reorganization of the Operations Department; the operational cells model (3CO+UE) Doctors Without Borders 2000
Operational Department Guideline Doctors Without Borders 2002